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  • For some reason in my head, “eeeeeeeeeeeee de eee de e” is the sounds a toddler makes when you take them to a play ground and they just start to run in wide arcs - unable to decide which piece of equipment to play on first.

    So, of course, the integral of “eeeeeeeeeeeee de eee de e” would be the sound of them sleeping the car on the way home.

  • I’m pretty sure this is different at different schools, you’re going to have to ask. At my Uni (in the 90s) you could “challenge” 100 and 200 level courses for full credit. The prof had a bit of leeway on when, in the term, the test was offered and whether you’d be excused from attendance until then.

    It was easier, in my case, to sign up for the same course at the local community college (which didn’t have any attendance requirements) for $30/credit (again in the 90s), just show up for tests, and then transfer the credits.

  • The majority of our household stuff is on a Synology DS920+ (x86). I installed Docker and Portainer on it and then run most of my local services (Immich, Invidious, Alexandrite (the Lemmy frontend), Miniflux, Dokuwiki, and Heimdall) using the Portainer UI.

    I’m still running Plex as a manually installed Syno package, because I haven’t taken the time to figure out hardware trans-coding for other setups.

    The 920 also manages cameras (via Surveillance Station), all off site backups (we all backup workstations to the 920 and it backs up online), handles private DNS and the reverse proxy for Docker, and hosts my personal VPN. I’m currently in the process of swapping the 4+ year old drives with new ones what will up my capacity (using SHR) from 12TB to 30 (with redundancy).

  • Dozens, but they all converge into 2 mailboxes. It’s nice to keep things separate, but it does get confusing sometimes. If I didn’t have a password manager to remember my logins, it would be untenable.

    For stuff I’m going to use long terms i use my lifetime university email address which forwards to me main fastmail address. I have several fastmail addresses for dev stuff, bacon (not quite spam), one for patreon and kickstarter, and so on. Those all go to one mailbox.

    My old gmail account is just for spam, google’s account spam, and (I only recently noticed) github. I check that mailbox like 3 times a year.

    Also all my domains have at least an info address that forwards to my dev fastmail address, and we have a household group address that forwards to my fastmail as well.