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    • Build a giant net on the border with Canada to keep geese out.
    • Make Friday part of the weekend.
    • Give every new baby a chocolate eclair.
    • Issue bulletproof vests to all citizens to help survive mass shootings.
    • No more speed limits in Interstate highways. (Okay, absurd ones are harder to think of than real issues that people care about.)
    • Cheaper health care.
    • Cheaper housing.
    • Cheaper groceries.
    • Cheaper fuel.
    • Codify reproductive freedom in law.
    • Hold the media accountable to the truth.
    • Ban insider trading in Congress.
    • Ensure that people have secure jobs, with dignity.

    Details, schmetails. The post is a complaint by Robert Reich that voters aren’t paying attention to details. And ITT, plenty of Lemmings pointing out that Biden can’t pass very many policy proposals, anyway. The idea is to sell the perception that Democrats understand and care about issues facing Americans.

    The big picture comes first to get Democrats elected, then get down to the details.

  • This is why Democrats struggle so badly, so I’ll say it straight up: It’s about sales. Reich is complaining that the public doesn’t lose its shit over arcane policy details. Yeah, sit down for this truth bomb (/s): That’s human nature. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s not good. It’s just the way it is. Complaining about it won’t help, or change the content of headlines.

    So somebody asks for examples of what can Biden do when he’s blocked by Congress? I say: Sell, sell, sell. Get in the PR game. Put on a show that the people in the cheap seats can enjoy. (That is a metaphor for a rhetorical spectacle that even politically unengaged citizens will hear about.) Show everybody that the problem is in Congress.

    What do the details matter? The headline is all that people will hear, and Republicans will block it, anyway. He needs to sell the perception that Democrats are trying. The details can come later, after they get the votes.

  • He could get caught trying.

    He could frame a big-picture vision of what he and Democrats value, expressed in terms that speak to Americans emotionally. He could push for policies that Republicans and the Supreme Kangaroo Court will shoot down, and then go to the American people and blame them for taking away good things that everybody wants.

    The student-loan debt relief effort had about 1 1/2 of those things. The rest of the time he tends to talk about particular bills and policies. Republicans can stop those, and those things become dead letters, but dreams and hopes are evergreen.

  • I’m not sure if I’m joking. In any case, the writ of habeas corpus is the legal tool that a court can theoretically use to compel the appearance of a prisoner before it. It is the legal doctrine that underlies the right to trial, and I say “theoretically” because courts rarely need to issue one; it’s just standard procedure to bring people to court to face charges.

    By suspending it, Abraham Lincoln could detain those people he deemed dangerous seditionists indefinitely, because the detainees would have to go to court to challenge their detention, and there was no way to get to court. The effect of suspending it again is that it wouldn’t matter that Baboon (autocorrect and I’m leaving it) and Stone were pardoned, or that there were even criminal charges.

    Lincoln did it, George W. Bush did it. Barack Obama did it. The Constitution contains a clause which allows it to be suspended due to rebellion or threats to public safety. It’s a dangerous thing to allow a president to do, but the MAGA danger might be greater.

  • This is madness, but since this is a hobby project and not a production server, there is a way:

    • Shrink the filesystems on the existing disks to free up as much space as possible, and shrink their partitions.
    • Add a new partition to each of the three disks, and make a RAID5 volume from those partitions.
    • Move as many files as possible to the new RAID5 volume to free up space in the old filesystems.
    • Shrink the old filesystems/partitions again.
    • Expand each RAID component partition one at a time by removing it from the array, resizing it into the empty space, and re-adding it to the array, giving plenty of time for the array to rebuild.
    • Move files, shrink the old partitions, and expand the new array partitions as many times as needed until all the files are moved.

    This could take several days to accomplish, because of the RAID5 rebuild times. The less free space, the more iterations and the longer it will take.